A series of creative art workshops devised to support mental health and hidden disabilities

Artists Clare Jefferson-Jones & Paul Jones of Splodge Designs and Sarah Haskett Cognitive Behavioural Therapist invite you to a series of creative art workshops devised to support mental health and hidden disabilities.

Together we will design and create 3D books that tell a story. Sarah will co-run the sessions, to carefully guide participants mindfully through a series of exercises that will inspire their final story book.

These workshops have been devised to respond to hidden illnesses and disabilities in a creative way as part of the ‘Who Cares?’ project funded by the Arts Council. Firstly, the intention is to give a voice or platform to participants to express themselves. Secondly, the creative output from these sessions will contribute towards a final art work created by Splodge Designs. The artwork is intended to inform the wider public around the topic of hidden disabilities. It will be displayed as a projection and soundtrack during the Portsmouth Shines Festival in November 2021.

All abilities are welcome to these fun interactive sessions. They are intended to be particularly tailored for people with hidden disabilities. However, we welcome anyone that would like to learn more and contribute towards this meaningful project.

Sarah Haskett

I’m a specialist mental health nurse and cognitive behavioural therapist. I deliver psychotherapy for a range of common mental health problems such as depression, low self-esteem, general anxiety, panic, health anxiety, social anxiety and obsessive compulsive issues.

My professional training includes a foundation in anatomy and physiology as part of my mental health nursing degree. I am a BABCP accredited Cognitive Behavioural Therapist within general primary care and long term health conditions. I hold a BTEC in adult education and practice in nursing mentorship, CBT supervision and creative coaching.

I am passionate in creative expression for good mental health and using creative ways to tackle stigma and aid understanding in our community. I have a background in acting and teaching youth theatre, and still perform at times holding a registration with Equity Arts Federation. I have studied with Adrian Jackson of Cardboard Citizens in facilitating Forum Theatre (also known as the Theatre of the Oppressed) which has been my main mode of integrating my psychological work with my love for acting. I have recently discovered performance in comedy and improv, which has enriched my life in so many ways! I love to play the West & North African hand drums, and have always been in love with dance of all forms throughout my life, but especially Middle Eastern dance which I perform and train regularly in.

Having acting, comedy, improv, dance and African percussion, in my life has provided me with life long friendships, confidence and joy that I cherish everyday.

Founder of my.creative-learning.net

Editor of the Creative Mental Health Guide community arts magazine www.creativementalhealthguide.org

For more on psychotherapy, CBT supervision, coaching & corporate training www.creativementalhealth.org.uk

Clare Jefferson-Jones

Clare Jefferson Jones is a freelance artist based on the South Coast. Clare works with a variety of media in both 2D and 3D formats including textiles, projections and wire. Her latest pieces are a combination of textures and line to represent both reality and dreams. Since Clare completed her degree she has continued to explore textiles, visual imagery and sculpture as an artist through individual works, commissions and site-specific installations. She collaborates with Paul Jones to create light projections and soundtracks that respond to their space or tell a story.

Paul Jones

Paul Jones, specialises in sound, recording, composition and also structural design. Paul has a Degree in Music Production, which he has utilised within various creative projects in the form of composing and recording music and soundtracks, as well as recording and editing other performers and interviewees. He has had a variety of live performance experience, both as a singer/guitarist and as an actor. Paul is a qualified teacher with extensive experience of teaching a wide range of ages and abilities.

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Splodge Designs

Creative and inclusive Arts Since its set up in 2001, Splodge Designs has a history of well organised, creative and successful projects with mixed age ranges.

We are specialists in:

• Carnivals and events, building costumes large and small.

• Public Art commissions and consultation with community involvement.

• Heritage projects; education and learning through art, design and research.

• Soundscapes and light projects, using animation, images, recordings and 3D mapping.

• Lantern making with light, willow and large scale structures.

• Game design, designing and building games.

We are a regularly commissioned company for community ventures with Hampshire County Council, Havant Borough Council and Portsmouth Art Services. Splodge Designs has been involved in many different public art and community projects from working with HMS Alliance to build a 14 metre long submarine to Palmerston Road Regeneration Project, designing and creating bronze rubbings and silk paintings with the community.

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