What to expect

  • Community

    LIVE Zoom Sessions & COMMUNITY chat app to connect, share and meet people

  • An introduction

    Session 1

    Who am I - this is an opportunity for the individual to explore who they are, from the basics through to likes and dislikes- strengths and triggers, dreams and limiting beliefs. Opening up a true sense of who I am

  • Awakening Consciousness

    Session 2

    Understanding what a behaviour is and recognising the difference between Habits and Conscious actions.

  • Nothing just happens –whats where how who

    Session 3

    Learning how to acknowledging our own choices and learn from them without blame or judgement on self or others.

  • Empowering self

    Session 4

    Empowering self development through ownership and responsibility of self. Introducing a greater understanding of limiting beliefs, how to recognise and override them.

  • Motivation and Purpose


    By consciously living the 'Power of I' look at what is possible. A gathering of all the tools qualities and values we have awoken and choosing how to apply them to our lives in the future.

The Power of I

This set of workshops will be supported throughout by personal development tasks, to be completed between session, making this effectively a 30 day programme.

The aim of the course is to awaken consciousness, so daily life can be managed with a greater sense of worth and fulfilment of themselves, others and life. Each session is design to open up the participants curiosity and increase peripheral vision widening the scope of possibility and opportunity. It will encourage individuals to see themselves as such and empower them to take responsibility and ownership of their lives shifting from a passenger seat position into the cockpit.

Open to everyone

Your course facilitator

Maria Ganderton

Maria is a social enterprise sole trader and has been facilitating 'The Power of Self Esteem' courses for 9 years and for the past 6 years has developed and run her own private workshops and short courses. She specialises in self esteem, motivation and purpose. Maria runs online workshops and has run a fortnightly support group, open to past participants, since the start of the Covid-19 outbreak. She also has a level 3 adult teaching qualification.


Mental Wealth Academy

The Good Mental Health Cooperative

The Good Mental Health Cooperative supports people to access community based activities and workshops which help with inclusion, recovery and good mental health. The support is intended for people who have experienced serious life challenges, are socially isolated, anxious or lacking in confidence. This may include experience of mental ill-health, addictions, disability, bereavement, caring responsibilities for example. At the Good Mental Health Cooperative, we believe that connecting with others, and informal learning opportunities, are really important steps to good mental health, bringing a sense of inclusion and challenge, rather than feeling isolated and lacking in purpose. www.goodmentalhealth.org.uk

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