Convenient access to a CBT therapist

Text base support over Zoom Chat

Access psychological therapies in a discrete and convenient way.

Text based therapies is an evidenced based, discrete and convenient way to gain support for a range is difficulties including anxiety, worry or low confidence.

You can work through the self help material in your course and supplement your progress by meeting one to one on Zoom chat to talk through any difficulties and keep your motivation and determination to feel happier and healthier on the path.

How text based CBT works and using Zoom

- Download the Zoom app from the apple or google play store.  
- Make a booking into your therapists diary.
- You will receive a booking confirmation email
- When it is time for your meeting click the join link in your email
- The chat box is selected at the bottom of the screen
- You might want to screen-share any work if you are using a device suitable such as pc

30 minute Session every Fortnight 

We believe your privacy is of the utmost importance.  In addition to complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the UK Data Protection Act 2018, we also ensure all communication is secure by using end-to-end encryption.

For all our video meeting calls we use Zoom a GDPR compliant platform with full end-to-end encryption.  This means that everything you say during a session is kept secure and confidential between you and the person (or persons in group calls) you’re talking to. In addition, we guarantee no recording of any of our meetings, we recognise that privacy is extremely important to you and an essential part of our service.

You can view zoom’s privacy policy here

Our administrative booking system uses the ScheduleOnce platform.  A fully compliant system to GDPR, HIPPA and listed on the EU Privacy Sheld

Further details on and data security
ScheduleOnce can be found at

Full Details:

Terms & Conditions 

- SUBSCRIPTION: It is your responsibility to ensure you book your sessions within the month.  Sessions must be used by the last day of the month.  No session roll over.

- BUNDLE WITH A COURSE: It is your responsibility to book your sessions within the time frame you have paid to access the service. Missed sessions will not be refunding.