• Who is this for?

    We offer a friendly, open and welcoming space to all. If this takes an interest but your not sure, come alone and say hi

  • What is improv?

    Acting without a script

    Making it up on the spot

    Interactive with the audience

  • What skills will I learn?

    Character creation

    Working in a team

    The constructs of a scene

    Improving reactions, focus and confidence

  • Zoom Workshop

    Every 3rd Saturday of the month 8pm (UK)

  • In-Person Portsmouth UK

    Every 1st Saturday of the month Milton Village Hall Portsmouth, 7:30pm

Online Zoomprov

Every 3rd Saturday of the month 8pm (UK)


Every 1st Saturday of the month 7:30pm

Milton Village Hall Portsmouth UK

Brian Armstrong

Brian Armstrong began his career as a writer by writing plays in college and had several productions in Texas and New Mexico. He went on to study writing plays, screenplays, television and radio drama at the University of London where he earned his MA in Scriptwriting. He is now a teacher and proud family-man. In 2010, Brian published his first poetry book, Pangaea: Transforming the Landscape (available now from Amazon.com). He has had publications in literary magazines including Poetry Quarterly and the Hoot & Hare Review vol. 1&2. His first play for young audiences, Piglet, is available from YouthPLAYS.

"I have been involved with improv since 2003 at New Mexico State University. I performed with Baloney Sans Wits in El Paso, Texas and founded On The Wing in Las Cruces, New Mexico. I was proud to join Not Burnt Out Just Unscrewed at Unscrewed Theatre in Tucson, AZ, where I went on to form BRICK and Characters From Friends. In December 2018 I had the pleasure of performing at Improv Fest Ireland with David Razowsky and I now run Portsmouth Improv Experience."


Check the google calendar for dates

In person every 1st Saturday & Online Zoom every 3rd Saturday!

Zoom by donation

In person £10 Portsmouth UK

In person every 1st Sat & Online Zoom every 3rd Sat of the month!

-Zoom class is free to attend by donations

-In persons £10 please check calendar for details