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In the fast paced world that we live in, it can be hard to take time for ourselves. Hard to find the time to listen to our emotions and how our body feels. We rush from one thing to the next and wonder where our day has gone. How can we find the resilience we need to keep going in this constant push from the responsibilities around us, unless, we take a moment to listen to our bodies. This is an opportunity for you to take some space, learn to connect with yourself again and find resilience and peace in a place that lives inside you. Come and join me and explore new ways to work through difficult emotions in a fast paced life, learn techniques to allow yourself to feel happier and more confident within yourself and have fun too!   Sarah Haskett is a cognitive behavioural therapist, mental health nurse and has a background in performance art. She enjoys linking these concepts together to infuse a somatic and systemic approach to personal well-being in delivering community workshops that enhance personal resilience, that are fun and enjoyable to a wide variety of group participants.
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Sarah Haskett

I’m a specialist mental health nurse and cognitive behavioural therapist. I deliver psychotherapy for a range of common mental health problems such as depression, low self-esteem, general anxiety, panic, health anxiety, social anxiety and obsessive compulsive issues. I’ve worked in mental health care for over 10years and been involved in numerous community projects in addition to my work in the NHS. I am a committee member of the Good Mental Health Cooperative, regularly involved in various projects and events to tackle stigma and aid understanding in mental ill health. I’m keen to develop innovative ways to build better understanding in our community and believe my personal creativity aids the professional support I offer. I have a background in acting and teaching youth theatre, and still perform at times holding a registration with Equity Arts Federation. I love to play the West & North African hand drums, and have always been in love with dance of all forms throughout my life, but especially Middle Eastern dance.