Let's start at the very beginning... it's a very good place to start!

Many people are told at a young age that they cannot sing but this is completely false. Everyone can learn to sing and play a musical instrument. This course creates a safe opportunity for adults to explore their voice and to unlock their potential. Over the five weeks you'll develop all the ground work you need to improve your breathing (that's the foundation of singing) and learn vocal warm ups to keep your voice in good shape. You will also learn some great songs too!


5 star rating

Great fun and good teacher

Gloria Chan

I really enjoyed the course even though I mainly caught up on the recording. Very fun exercises and easy to follow. A very good course and I recommend it.

I really enjoyed the course even though I mainly caught up on the recording. Very fun exercises and easy to follow. A very good course and I recommend it.

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What to expect

  • Community

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  • Tutorials

    Work through the tutorial videos in your own time

  • What’s the most important thing about singing? - Breath into voice

    Learn some breathing and vocal exercises to connect your body, breath and voice

  • How can I improve the sound of my voice? - Tone

    Explore and develop your voice with fun vocal exercises to develop different vocal tones

  • Is there a head voice and a chest voice? - Range

    Try out these exercises to help you extend your vocal range

  • How can I tell if I’m in tune or not? - Pitch

    Play it: Think it: Sing it! Dig out the recorder or keyboard (keyboard app) and learn how to improve your ear with these playing and singing exercises

  • How can I learn to hold a tune? - Harmonizing

    Get to grips with basic harmony and have fun improvising

This course is aimed at adults who think they can't sing but want to improve.

You don’t need any instruments or backing tracks as Janet will play her piano for you to sing along too

Anything I need to know?

Approach this course with an open mind. To sing well we need to listen to ourselves, something that over the years we may have found difficult especially if we’ve been told we can’t sing. So please be generous with yourself and understand that there is lots of internal work that goes on when we sing.

The five basic exercises Janet will guide you through can be revisited time and again to develop the singing voice. Well done for getting this far, contemplating doing the course. Now take the next step and sign up. It’s free so what have you got to lose? Come and join in the singing. It’ll lift your spirits and put a spring in your step!

Open to everyone

A 5 week course to do in your own time

Your course facilitator

Janet Ayers

Janet Ayers is a Community Artist and Natural Voice Practitioner who has been running choirs and teaching people to sing for 15 years. She says that singing is a bit like swimming: to get the hang of it you just need to jump in!

Janet Ayers studied Art, Photography, Art History and Theatre Studies at school. After her Foundation course at West London College she went onto Portsmouth Art College where she gained an BA(hons) in Illustration. After graduation she began a career in Arts Administration and Publishing. When she moved back to Portsmouth in 2002 that's when her community music career took off and the art stuff was put on hold. Printmaking was a way back in for Janet to re-awaken her passion for art, attending courses at the Badger Press, Red Hot Press and Omega Printmakers. She has exhibited with the Society of Woodengravers (as a student entry) and also with Omega Printmakers. Many of you may know Janet for her Community Choir and singing for wellbeing work, circle dance groups and as a performer. Portsmouth University has recognised her contribution to the local creative music community by awarding her an honorary degree (rescheduled for May 2021) .

Since lockdown she's been able to carry on some of her singing work online, but not all. So as one door closes for a while, Janet is taking this opportunity to get back into drawing, painting and creating and would like you to join in too.


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The Good Mental Health Cooperative supports people to access community based activities and workshops which help with inclusion, recovery and good mental health. The support is intended for people who have experienced serious life challenges, are socially isolated, anxious or lacking in confidence. This may include experience of mental ill-health, addictions, disability, bereavement, caring responsibilities for example. At the Good Mental Health Cooperative, we believe that connecting with others, and informal learning opportunities, are really important steps to good mental health, bringing a sense of inclusion and challenge, rather than feeling isolated and lacking in purpose. www.goodmentalhealth.org.uk