Rhythm is a playful, accessible and creative doorway into building confidence in ourselves whilst developing valuable life skills.

It's an evidence-based tool that is great for supporting mental health and wellbeing. 100% accessible and proven to increase both physical and mental wellbeing amongst participants. Using simple to follow exercises and ways to make instruments out of household items, it is designed to encourage group participation and inspire co-creative music-making.

What to expect

  • Community

    LIVE Zoom Sessions & COMMUNITY chat app to connect, share and meet people

  • The playful spirit of rhythm

    Session 1

    Discovering the playful spirit of rhythm. How our household items can become rhythm tools

  • The Power of Your Rhythm

    Session 2

    Unlocking our sense of rhythm even if we thought we didn't have any!

  • Health Benefits of Rhythm

    Session 3

    Getting out of our heads and into the groove

  • Share Your Groove

    Session 4

    How your rhythm meets other rhythms to make incredible music

  • Play What Your Feel

    Session 5

    How to use rhythm as a means to express ourselves.

No musical experience needed

Experience incredible health benefits without even realising its happening because you're having so much fun.

Creative music-making with instant playability and group interaction.

Connect within a creative and uplifting environment.

Join the fun, friendly and upbeat rhythm vibe.

Igniting your creative spirit.

Here are some of the proven benefits...

For our Bodies...

- Reduces Stress, Tension & Anxiety

- Improves Coordination & Motor Skills

- Strengthens Immune System, Lowers Blood Pressure & Relieves Chronic Pain

- Relaxes the Body & Increases Energy

For our Minds...

- Enhances Cognitive Skills, Memory & Concentration

- Calms the Mind and Develops Mental Clarity & Focus

- Helps Release Negative Feelings, Anger and Emotional Trauma

- Improves Socio-Emotional Disorders

For our Spirit...

- Builds Confidence & Motivation

- Inspires Creative Thinking

- Brings Peace of Mind

- Creates Connection & Community

Open to everyone

On demand video sessions

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Your course facilitator

Richard Parker

Richard Parker has been guiding and facilitating Drum Circles and group music-making for over 15 years and is attentive in supporting individual learning styles and skill. His inspiration is feed by his passion for community, accessibility and inclusivity where he finds a Drum Circle to be an amazing embodiment of this expression. Richard's style has come through many years of African Drumming combined with creative improvisation and free expression, bringing an uplifting, dynamic and joyful experience.


Mental Wealth Academy

The Good Mental Health Cooperative

The Good Mental Health Cooperative supports people to access community based activities and workshops which help with inclusion, recovery and good mental health. The support is intended for people who have experienced serious life challenges, are socially isolated, anxious or lacking in confidence. This may include experience of mental ill-health, addictions, disability, bereavement, caring responsibilities for example. At the Good Mental Health Cooperative, we believe that connecting with others, and informal learning opportunities, are really important steps to good mental health, bringing a sense of inclusion and challenge, rather than feeling isolated and lacking in purpose. www.goodmentalhealth.org.uk