Join Paul Jones across five workshops to learn the art of papercraft and Origami paperfolding. Just bring yourself and some paper either in the form of A4 sized paper found in your own home (it can be recycled from magazines etc) or you are welcome to use coloured paper.

What to expect

  • Community

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  • basic folds

    Session 1

    This will be an introduction to various types of basic folds. During each stage a different shape or object will be formed, then the final result will be a simple talking fish toy. You will then be guided through the process of creating a moving flapping bird.

  • jumping origami frog

    Session 2

    A recap of the basic folds as you are guided through the process of making an origami windmill. Then your paperfolding techniques will be expanded and you will create a jumping origami frog.

  • Start your pop-up cards/artist books

    Session 3

    learn different ways to create your own pop-up cards/artist books. This session will focus upon creating a talking mouth/blinking eyes from triangle folds. You can then apply this principle to start designing your own final creations.

  • Create your own pop-up cards/artist books

    Session 4

    Continuation of learning different ways to create your own pop-up cards/artist books. This session will focus upon box folds, which you can adapt to design your own final creations

  • Create your own pieces

    Session 5

    For this final session you will be reminded of the different techniques we have learnt over the previous sessions. You will then design and create your own bespoke pieces with guidance from the tutor.

This course is aimed at beginners

This zoom class will be a great way to take time for yourself and practice mindfulness through creativity.

Open to everyone

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Your course facilitator

Paul Jones

Paul Jones, specialises in sound, recording, composition and also structural design. Paul has a Degree in Music Production, which he has utilised within various creative projects in the form of composing and recording music and soundtracks, as well as recording and editing other performers and interviewees. He has had a variety of live performance experience, both as a singer/guitarist and as an actor. Paul is a qualified teacher with extensive experience of teaching a wide range of ages and abilities.

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