This 6 week group programme is developed using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Delivered by BABCP accredited CBT Therapist specially trained in CBT for long term health conditions

Are you struggling with burn out and exhaustion?

Often feel guilty that you just can't do the things you 'should' be able too?

Coping with life and chronic fatigue can be a challenge. This 6 week group programme is developed from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy methods by a BABCP accredited therapist. We aim to help you find ways to build more energy and reclaim the things you love

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    You will be invited to our course social circle a forum where we can support each other throughout the course and beyond

  • Online Resources

    Extra reading, worksheets and videos will be available to support the live content of this course

Your course facilitator

Sarah Haskett

I am an accredited Cognitive Behaviour Therapist and a Registered Mental Health Nurse. I believe in letting people be themselves, I work in a way that facilitates awareness in understanding yourself to observe the important dimensions of one personality. It is important to me that our sessions reflect what you would like to change.

I let you be you in therapy and outside therapy. I have been an advocate for good mental health for decades, having worked within mental health NHS services for 15 years and social services before that, I have been working clinically as a mental health professional since 2013. In 2017 I was awarded a Psychological Therapist Trainee position, leaving the Trust as a Senior Psychological therapist some years later.

As someone who often felt like an outsider, I became fascinated with human behaviour when I was working as an actor. At this time I was a part time support worker and acting in corporate role play training days and teaching youth theatre. I was awarded registration with Equity Arts Federation (UK), however working without a regular pay day was not ideal for me and nursing was the natural choice.

For me, understanding people, life and wellness, is closely linked to creativity. Dance, music, drama has always played a significant role in my life and I now have the pleasure of bringing these areas together in a meaningful way. I specialise in bringing therapeutic theory and creative expression together in my workshops on telling your story and in my corporate programmes. In the therapy room I am working towards evidence based interventions that are ‘formulation driven’, meaning, we look at the full picture. Often what is a problem for a person is deeply rooted in where our values lie, simply put if you didn’t care about it, it wouldn’t matter

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