You will need a stick, driftwood or dowelling approximately 30cm in length, a ball of string, this could be cotton, jute or a mixture, scissors, masking tape, a heavy book and beads if you have them.

What to expect

  • Community

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  • Start your Macrame Wall Hanging

    Session 1

    Learn how to start your Macrame Wall Hanging by cutting the cord and attaching to your driftwood or stick. You will learn your first knots of half hitches and create texture.

  • Create Half Knots

    Session 2

    You will learn how to create half knots which create spirals and flat knots.

  • Creating Shapes

    Session 3

    Learn how to develop your flat knots and create shapes.

  • Zig-Zags & Arrow Heads

    Session 4

    Create knotted lines called cording that make zig zags, arrow heads and crosses.

  • Finishing Touches


    How to finish your Macrame Wall Hanging with embellishments, beads and learn how to create textile feathers.

The course is suitable for all ages and abilities, you will need no previous experience of textiles or knotting and it is for anyone interested in learning a new mindful skill. Macrame is really therapeutic as you learn to repeat the knots to create different patterns. You will be using your hands to knot, therefore using both sides of the brain making you completely absorbed in the process.

Open to everyone

Your course facilitator

Alice Hume

Alice Hume is a Weaver and Textile Artist based at Hotwalls Studios in Old Portsmouth. Alice studied Textile Design for her degree at Winchester School of Art and attended weaving schools internationally in Sweden and Japan. Inspired by her travels and different cultures her work combines embroidery, wrapping, knotting and hand weaving on her Harris floor Loom. She experiments with unusual materials of recycled copper, raffia and 1970’s vintage silk yarns to create wall decor, hanging copper moons, clutch bags and Textile earrings. Vanderhume is about collaboration, creating contemporary Textiles and is named after her ancestors who were Flemish weavers. She also teaches Frame Loom Weaving and Macrame Workshops online, in-person and at festivals around the country.

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