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  • Community

    COMMUNITY chat app to connect, share and meet people

  • LIVE Zoom sessions

    This is a 3 day course on Zoom. Live sessions will not be recorded as this is a very interactive course and we want you to feel as comfortable as possible.

    Additional resources will be available in the course for you to take forward your learning.

  • Improv is a place where mistakes are celebrated

    Laughter is had by all

    Permission is granted to be absurd

    Friends are made and nonsense is part of the agenda

  • Having fun with short improv games

    Session 1

    Building your confidence within the group and learning how to develop characters and interpret relationships with short improv games

  • Letting go

    Session 2

    Learn to celebrate mistakes and go with your first instinct. Finding the rewards in being unprepared and how a 'mistake' can be a gift

  • building confidence

    Session 3

    Feeling the moment and trusting ourselves. Using Improv skills to aid us with unhelpful automatic thoughts, difficult situations and times when we feel 'out of control'


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5 star rating

Lots of fun!

Jennifer Mills

Thank you for running these sessions. It was great fun, the group felt supportive and it made me think about communication. Thanks to Sarah and Brian for lea...

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Thank you for running these sessions. It was great fun, the group felt supportive and it made me think about communication. Thanks to Sarah and Brian for leading it so well.

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Improv can help!

People often worry about how they are coming across in a social situation, some people struggle with thoughts of being a failure or not good enough. We are all constantly bombarded with 'perfection' and the idea that 'life goals' make us whole, that we are conditioned to believe that every step we take must have meaning and be 'right'. That we worry, plan and concern ourselves in the search for this perfection, sometimes to the point of feeling empty, confused and demoralised. Add in the mix the stress and strain of life, this search to always 'get it right' is exhausting. Improv can help. Improv teaches us that we can be great without a plan. That when we make a mistake, it could open up a new golden opportunity, and if it doesn't we survive and can manage that uncertainty. Joining this course will invite you to get out of your head. You will have the opportunity to try things out in a safe and supported environment. To become comfortable with uncertainty and know you can cope. You will learn to notice the gifts in a mistake and the rewards in being clueless. You will build connections with others, laugh, play and learn to find comfort in 'going with the flow

Sarah will be integrating improv games with psychological benefits for wellbeing, while Brian will teach basic skills in improv games and character building. Sarah works with using theatre and the body to aid confidence and interpersonal skills to benefit wellbeing and general mental health. Brian is an experienced Improv performer and play write.

Open to everyone

Live Zoom Sessions 2:30pm-5pm GMT, 7th, 8th, 9th April

A discussion panel podcast

A group of Improv-ers get together to discuss how improv comedy has helped their mental wellbeing and created friendships and connections

Your course facilitators

Brian Armstrong

Brian Armstrong began his career as a writer by writing plays in college and had several productions in Texas and New Mexico. He went on to study writing plays, screenplays, television and radio drama at the University of London where he earned his MA in Scriptwriting. He is now a teacher and proud family-man. In 2010, Brian published his first poetry book, Pangaea: Transforming the Landscape (available now from Amazon.com). He has had publications in literary magazines including Poetry Quarterly and the Hoot & Hare Review vol. 1&2. His first play for young audiences, Piglet, is available from YouthPLAYS.

"I have been involved with improv since 2003 at New Mexico State University. I performed with Baloney Sans Wits in El Paso, Texas and founded On The Wing in Las Cruces, New Mexico. I was proud to join Not Burnt Out Just Unscrewed at Unscrewed Theatre in Tucson, AZ, where I went on to form BRICK and Characters From Friends. In December 2018 I had the pleasure of performing at Improv Fest Ireland with David Razowsky and I now run Portsmouth Improv Experience."


Sarah Haskett

I’m a specialist mental health nurse and cognitive behavioural therapist. I deliver psychotherapy for a range of common mental health problems such as depression, low self-esteem, general anxiety, panic, health anxiety, social anxiety and obsessive compulsive issues.

My professional training includes a foundation in anatomy and physiology as part of my mental health nursing degree. I am a BABCP accredited Cognitive Behavioural Therapist within general primary care and long term health conditions. I hold a BTEC in adult education and practice in nursing mentorship, CBT supervision and creative coaching.

I am passionate in creative expression for good mental health and using creative ways to tackle stigma and aid understanding in our community. I have a background in acting and teaching youth theatre, and still perform at times holding a registration with Equity Arts Federation. I have studied with Adrian Jackson of Cardboard Citizens in facilitating Forum Theatre (also known as the Theatre of the Oppressed) which has been my main mode of integrating my psychological work with my love for acting. I have recently discovered performance in comedy and improv, which has enriched my life in so many ways! I love to play the West & North African hand drums, and have always been in love with dance of all forms throughout my life, but especially Middle Eastern dance which I perform and train regularly in.

Having acting, comedy, improv, dance and African percussion, in my life has provided me with life long friendships, confidence and joy that I cherish everyday.

Founder of my.creative-learning.net

Editor of the Creative Mental Health Guide community arts magazine www.creativementalhealthguide.org

For more on psychotherapy, CBT supervision, coaching & corporate training www.creativementalhealth.org.uk

Mental Wealth Academy

The Good Mental Health Cooperative

The Good Mental Health Cooperative supports people to access community based activities and workshops which help with inclusion, recovery and good mental health. The support is intended for people who have experienced serious life challenges, are socially isolated, anxious or lacking in confidence. This may include experience of mental ill-health, addictions, disability, bereavement, caring responsibilities for example. At the Good Mental Health Cooperative, we believe that connecting with others, and informal learning opportunities, are really important steps to good mental health, bringing a sense of inclusion and challenge, rather than feeling isolated and lacking in purpose. www.goodmentalhealth.org.uk

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