Sunday 4th Oct @ 11am

Flamenco originally comes from Southern Spain and has it's roots in gypsy dances from India and North Africa. It is characterised by fluid hand and arm movements, and explosive outbursts of footwork or stamping which is extremely therapeutic! A great way to feel beautiful, elegant and strong and to express pent up emotions.

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Fulya has been teaching dance for 20 years and started to dance Flamenco 8 years ago. She is also a Bellydancer and Musician. She is a co-creator of the "Mojo Flow Show" - Creative expression though technology that started during lockdown to give a platform for performance artists to keep creating. She also runs Kookie Kaftan bellydance souk with her sister Julie. 

open to everyone

No experience needed

Mental Wealth Academy

The Good Mental Health Cooperative

The Good Mental Health Cooperative supports people to access community based activities and workshops which help with inclusion, recovery and good mental health. The support is intended for people who have experienced serious life challenges, are socially isolated, anxious or lacking in confidence. This may include experience of mental ill-health, addictions, disability, bereavement, caring responsibilities for example. At the Good Mental Health Cooperative, we believe that connecting with others, and informal learning opportunities, are really important steps to good mental health, bringing a sense of inclusion and challenge, rather than feeling isolated and lacking in purpose.

Connections in Creativity Festival for Good Mental Health

Connections in Creativity Festival for Good Mental Health Live streamed events to fundraise all through Sept and Oct! For more information on what is happening and how to get involved visit