Awakened Bellydance Level 2

~ Dancing the Bridge Between

Would you like to explore a uniquely powerful sacred dance process? Created by Katie Holland, Awakened Bellydance is a multi-faceted, transformative, self-awakening process. An intuitive remembering and reclaiming of You through conscious movement based in traditional Middle Eastern dance and sacred dances. In this second AwBd video series we will dance the bridge between the lower and upper energy centres; xiphoid, heart and thymus (upper heart). We will work with our physical and starseed connections to activate our bodies remembering, discovering how when we authentically access all of our emotions we can embrace life in its entirety. Who is this for? For all who would like to go beyond the mind into deep surrender and trust within the heart. Creating a greater level of authenticity, trust, intuition and connection; primarily with yourself. AwBd is for all who would like to venture into themselves via high vibrational heart-based movement. Perfect for anyone who loves to move, breathe and wishes to integrate and embrace their feminine and masculine divine selves. No dance experience necessary, just an open heart to Be.

Sacred Dance Therapist

Katie Holland

Katie Holland (UK) is the creator of Awakened Bellydance™. A renowned and highly sought after professional dancer across the world with a passionate interest in dance for healing and spiritual development combines perfectly with her extensive experience as an Inner Dance Facilitator, Reiki Master, Yoga teacher and energy worker. Training directly with Pi Villaraza. To date Katie's dance experience encompasses: Arabic dance, Afro-Samba, Bharatnatyam, Nepalese Buddhist Tantric dances, Gurdjieff Sacred dances, Sufi Whirling, Osho dynamic meditation, Shamanic bellydance, Kundalini dance, Tantra, Balinese dance, Bulgarian Folk dances, Paneurhythmy. ​ She is a Facilitator/Practitioner Trainer of: Awakened Bellydance, Inner dance, Access Bars, Reiki (Master/Teacher - Usui and Tera Mai-Seichem traditions) Katie is a Facilitator & Practitioner of: Inner dance, Access Bars and Foundation, Access facelift, Egyptian Cartouche, Reiki, Light Energy Weave, Munay-Ki, Yoga and Pranayama (Breath work), Laughter Yoga, Aromatherapy massage, Indian head massage, No-hands massage, Baby massage, Certificate in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Hypnotherapy, Crystal Healing, introduction to Transactional Analysis. Katie completed a month long Internship in deep ecology, permaculture, conscious community and natural building techniques at Gaia Ashram, Thailand, 2015

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