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5 star rating

Week one completed twice - so far, just wow!

Kirstie Smith

Really have loved the session so far, Katie is very professional, knowledgeable, supportive, inclusive and empowering. I have done energy work previously an...

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Really have loved the session so far, Katie is very professional, knowledgeable, supportive, inclusive and empowering. I have done energy work previously and found this really helped me both times I have done it. So many things are going on in my life due to shifting boundaries with the Covid-19 situation. I found the sessions helped me to release all my pent up feelings and emotions, and feel calmer and clearer. I love this work. Thank you Katie ❤

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5 star rating

Thank you so much!

Terri Eastwood

Thank you so much for giving your time (all who is involved) leading such life giving/life meaning, soul saving sharing time. Only just started on week 1 now...

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Thank you so much for giving your time (all who is involved) leading such life giving/life meaning, soul saving sharing time. Only just started on week 1 now, and just want to share my appreciation, and acknowledgement of the depth that is put into this.

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5 star rating


Prem Shakti

Awesome awesome awesome, extremely powerful and we all should do it as much as it

Awesome awesome awesome, extremely powerful and we all should do it as much as it

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About Katie

Sacred Dance Therapist

Katie Holland

Katie Holland (UK) is the creator of Awakened Bellydance™. A renowned and highly sought after professional dancer across the world with a passionate interest in dance for healing and spiritual development combines perfectly with her extensive experience as an Inner Dance Facilitator, Reiki Master, Yoga teacher and energy worker. Training directly with Pi Villaraza. To date Katie's dance experience encompasses: Arabic dance, Afro-Samba, Bharatnatyam, Nepalese Buddhist Tantric dances, Gurdjieff Sacred dances, Sufi Whirling, Osho dynamic meditation, Shamanic bellydance, Kundalini dance, Tantra, Balinese dance, Bulgarian Folk dances, Paneurhythmy. ​ She is a Facilitator/Practitioner Trainer of: Awakened Bellydance, Inner dance, Access Bars, Reiki (Master/Teacher - Usui and Tera Mai-Seichem traditions) Katie is a Facilitator & Practitioner of: Inner dance, Access Bars and Foundation, Access facelift, Egyptian Cartouche, Reiki, Light Energy Weave, Munay-Ki, Yoga and Pranayama (Breath work), Laughter Yoga, Aromatherapy massage, Indian head massage, No-hands massage, Baby massage, Certificate in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Hypnotherapy, Crystal Healing, introduction to Transactional Analysis. Katie completed a month long Internship in deep ecology, permaculture, conscious community and natural building techniques at Gaia Ashram, Thailand, 2015

What is Awakened Bellydance

all movement is divine when the heart is danced awake

Dancing through our own perceived blockages within individual and collective journeys we move in soul resonance. Observing what we need to heal, learn and dream we will explore and experience our innate power. Katie will guide and share her extensive knowledge instilling a gentle confidence inspiring you to continue on your transformational path of ‘dancenlightenment’. This deep knowing is a powerful tool for self-empowerment, propelling you forward on your visionary soul path which you can then share with others in your own Awakened Bellydance classes.

As we connect authentically to the self we embody and activate the womb; the heart of Bellydance and a sacred vessel for your Kundalini energy. Each woman’s womb contains all of creation since time began - past relationships, old patterns, traumatic births, wounds, problem periods and sexual abuse. That’s yours and every woman that we hold as a collective.

When we bring awareness, compassion, integration and light to the shadow self we give our bodies permission for expression, freedom and joy. Connecting womb to heart to de-program, restructure, unlearn and activate our bodies’ energetic pathways. As we acknowledge and surrender our conditioning, control, the ego and trauma; life can also be fulfilling, self-healing and filled with love!

This is an invitation to experience You – to embrace your Awakened Bellydancer! She who moves through the veil and removes it with heart and soul! Perfect for all those who wish to integrate and rejoice in their absolute and deepest divine femininity whilst unashamedly claiming the Being they were born to be!

For teachers, performers and all who would like to go beyond the mind into deep surrender and trust within the heart. Awakened Bellydance expands your existence to transcend into endless possibilities! Creating a greater level of authenticity and connection to all aspects of your life!

Absolutely no bellydance or dance experience necessary, just an open heart to Be...

Inner Dance

'Through dance and conscious movement we can access a deep, healing journey to our inner selves; discovering a depth of connection between the nervous system in our body and the electrical nervous system of the living planet that surrounds us. When we move into alignment alchemical healing can take place'.

This is a transformative self-awakening process that organically leads a person to surrender; towards authentic and meaningful existence through intuitive healing, release work, energy awareness and ecological lifestyles.The intuitive remembrance of the true self through heightened inner awareness of the body, mind and emotions as energy. The Inner Dance process is a heart-filled journey back to our innate resonance. The process helps us to change the way we experience the world by transporting the mind to intuitive consciousness, flow and surrender to source. Deepen your quest for truth…come with an open heart and mind, plus the will to journey into the unknown.....

  Online Access Consciousness Clearings & Support

Access clearings are verbal statements designed to access all those hidden parts of you where resistance is keeping you stuck. A personal consultation, spoken together and clearings to take away with you.

Please contact: for bookings

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